Lovely Ladybugs

My “toy box” for May has evolved into being all about bugs and flowers.  It started years ago with this lady bug craft.  I have done it for years and it continues to be one of my favorites. It consists of three circles; two black and one red.  I photo copy the large circle template on red card stock paper.  Then I trace the large and small circles onto black paper, using a white crayon.  Cut the red circle in half and then have the kids assemble the shapes to look like your model.  That way you are also working on their visual perceptual skills.

Here is a printable template for you to photocopy and cut out for tracing.

ladybug printable

Of course, I figure out some fun fine motor tasks to do along with the craft.  This time of the year it is easier to find little ladybugs to use for fine motor activities. In the picture, there are bugs for tong use, small cloth pin bugs and a lacing board.  The large ladybugs are actually bean bags I was given a while ago.  I use these in various gross motor activities before my fine motor fun.  I have also used to have a bunch of small colorful erasers that were butterflies, ladybugs, and flowers.  They have disappeared, for now.  I use those for sorting tasks, with tongs, or to push into small slits in a tight opening in a plastic container.

ladybug 2

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