Easter Time and Distance Learning

Easter Bunny blow up


I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and at home!  I have learned a lot this week. Mainly, the basics of Zoom and doing my first ever virtual OT sessions!  I am very proud of the girl in this picture, that was able to show her mom how she does an adapted shoe lace tying with me.  She still needs some help but now mom knows how to help her.  That is a wonderful thing!


Virtual OT Avery


I have sent out an email to all of my students.  Each email is changed to fit the needs of that individual child but this is some of what was in a lot of the emails………


I found this Mat Man activity that I think he might enjoy, with your help.  He can probably even be able to cut out some of these things but might need your help with a lot of this cutting.  There is also a Mat Man song from Learning Without Tears, that you can download on iTunes.  It is a great song, that a child builds this person while it plays. This activity helps a child understand the skills needed to draw a person and helps to develop many other skills.  Here is the link the link for the Mat Man activity.

Mat Man Activity Printable

I am also going to attach my personnel OT Easter activities.  Some of these activities will be too hard, so just don’t worry about those activities.  Coloring the bunny would be good for him.  Also the simple Easter bunny cut out design might be a fun activity for him.  Then glue together and draw in more details.
There is also a cut out activity in this scanned information, that is a bunny but it does not have a body.  In the craft, you put some jelly beans in a snack bag and use that as the body in the craft.
I will also attach my special adapted writing paper.  I have not used this with Jack yet but I often start using it in first grade.  You can also cut strips of 1/2″ wide but 8″ long construction paper and have him write words or sentences on this.  This will help force control of his letter size.
Have him try to copy a basic words or sentence, that goes with the cutting craft, on it and also print his name.
Also he can try to do this pencil maze.  He has not done this with me too much but I love it for kids.  It works on pencil control and visual motor skills.  You can do the maze first with a highlighter pen, then he traces over that pen.  He can do it many times, until he is independent with it.
I also love PrintActivities.com for pencil mazes.  They are normally harder ones but I like them.  You can click here for all of their Easter printable worksheets.
Fine Motor/ Gross Motor Control Activities
–You can have him hunt for the plastic Easter Eggs.  You can also have him use your kitchen tongs to pick up eggs or items (tongs in one hand) and in his other hand he holds an Easter Basket.
–Take apart Easter Eggs and have him put them back together with the correct colors matching or you can write a capital letter on one side of the plastic egg and the lower case letter on the other side.  Then he has to match the correct letters.  You can also use this to make words, half of word on each egg.
–Stringing beads in spring time colors and in a pattern.
–An Easter Egg race, where you take a large kitchen spoon and put an Easter Egg on it.  Then he has to walk a certain path without it falling off.  Then place it in a container at the end of his walking path.
–Use short tongs to pick up and sort jelly beans by their colors.
–Have him hide jelly beans or beads in play dough and have him find
(and also my emails said this too at the end)
I will be on my Spring Break next week.  I will be available, again, on April 13.  If you would like to setup a virtual OT session, via Zoom, …………..
And if he does a cute craft, from above, please send me a picture!
Ms. Robin your school OT

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