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I hope everyone is staying healthy and as sane as possible.  I hope that you and your child are able to get outside and enjoy the pretty Spring weather, that should occur this week.

Here are some ways/ ideas to help you and your child enjoy the pretty weather.  You could go on a “nature hunt”.  Tell your child to look out for things in nature (a bird, the biggest tree, the smallest tree, etc).  You could do a chalk drawn motor pathway (hop scotch, walk on a zig zag line, jump over lines, jump on one foot to letters and say the letter as your foot hits it.)  You could also do some fun motor planning ideas in your home, please see first video link.  You could also take alphabet letters and hide them, like Easter Eggs, and they have to go on a hunt for the alphabet.  Or just have your child practice riding a bike or throwing a basketball.  Just get outside and get physical.

Click on this link to watch some fun ideas for home.

Here are some videos for ideas for a sidewalk chalk motor course outside.  I might do this for my neighborhood kids.

Then for this week, I would love for your child to try to draw a picture of me and them together.  I can’t be with them, and honestly, I am deeply missing them.  Don’t worry, it does not need to be a “pretty” picture.  If I can tell that it is a person or two people, then I will be proud of them.  That is why they are working on this skill, as it is not always easy to draw a person and themselves.  I am including a picture of me.  Honestly, I take awful pictures!  But for my precious students, I am including one (even with my mismatched socks).  They can look at it and use it as a way to prompt them while they draw.  Start with my head, head details, body, arms, hands, fingers, legs, and feet.  Then draw themselves in the same sequence of body parts.  If they want to draw my dog Finn then go for it!
If your child does not know me, then have them draw their teacher.  Then send it to their teacher.  I can promise you that this would make their day!
Then help your child develop 2 basic sentences on their drawing topic.  Write these sentences.  Then give them lines to copy these sentences within.  Finally, they should write their full name on the paper, within lines.  Encourage them to try to do this without help to spell their full name but if they need help, then give it to them.
A lot of my kids are used to the Mat Man song.  At the start of the year, I would use this Mat Man YouTube song video.  Then I was able to download the song on my iTunes and I would use that.  Here is that video, if they would like to watch it.  It is rather basic, and more for the beginner drawing student, but they might enjoy seeing it again.
I do love a pencil maze, so here is a link for one this week.  Click on this, for it to take you to the maze.
Please continue to Stay at Home, stay safe and healthy.
Ms. Robin your OT

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