May, Time for Bugs

I hope you are doing well, during this time of e-learning.  I thought I would start by giving you a fun easy activity for you to do with your child in the next week.  You can have them help you make it and then let them play.  It is my favorite recipe for play dough

Play Dough Recipe

2 Cups Flour + 1 Cup Salt + 1 Cup WARM water + 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil = awesome play dough! (store in a Ziploc gallon plastic bag or container)


Normally, in May, I do a lot of Spring bug themed fine motor activities.  Here a few that you can chose from or do on your own.  If you are doing a virtual OT session with me, I will let you know what we will be doing, within these activities.
Cutting and writing activity-  Draw two circles the same size.  If you have colored construction paper then one on black and one on red.  If not, then just plain paper and have your child color it after cutting.  A smaller circle needs to be drawn for the head.  Finally, have your child copy the word “ladybug” within an adapted area and write their name.
Ladybug cutting home
Drawing Activity- Use the picture below to help you draw a ladybug in 4 steps or show them the picture to your child and guide them through drawing it.  Then have them write or copy a basic sentence on the topic of ladybugs.
Ladybug how draw home
Pencil Control/ Maze- You can help your child try to do a basic pencil maze.  If this is hard for them, then you can use a highlighter pen to show them the path, then have them complete it with a pencil.  Here is the link for the pictured maze
Ladybug Maze picture
Work Fine and Gross Motor Muscles- You may not have these fine motor activities but these are some things I use to work their hand muscles with this theme.  If you have pretend bugs, at home, then they can use kitchen tongs with pick them up.  Or hold one, while they crawl threw/ under/ over an obstacle course to put the bug into a container.
You can have them go outside and hunt for bugs.  Catch some fireflies, when they come out.  Dig for some earth worms with a little garden shovel.  Make a “mud pie”, one of my favorite childhood activities.
ladybug 2
Have fun and remember to play!

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