The School OT Toy Box was created to be a resource to teachers, parents, other therapists, and curious minds that desire more knowledge on how to support a child’s development with fun activities, economical toys, and knowledge from an OT that has been supporting kids for years.

I graduated from occupational therapy school in 1992.  When I went to OT school I had the desire to work in pediatrics, however, the right job was not available for me at that time.  Therefore, I went into the adult medical world of OT for 12 years.  I also loved adult rehabilitation.   I am thankful for how it supported my development as an OT and it helped me to be a better school based OT.  I am getting ready to start my 13th year as a school based OT.  I work with students in the self contained classroom and students in the regular education setting.  I have the pleasure of serving various ages and schools, as an OT.  I adore serving the students and facilitating knowledge in others wanting to help children.

I often have teachers ask me for ideas so this year I have decided to jump into the world of “blogging” as I start my school year.  I hope you find this blog helpful and informative.  Please contact me with any questions and add suggestions to help others.